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About Us

ECUH's Mission Statement

The Engineer’s Council at the University of Hawaiʻi (ECUH) is a student-operated executive board, consisting of elected executive board (officer) positions, affiliate College of Engineering (COE) student organization representatives, and a general member body. The mission of the ECUH is to provide unity action through cooperative, transparent, and effective representation of the student body of the COE at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. By collaborating with students, faculty, affiliated student organizations, and professional partners, the ECUH serves to promote academic, intellectual, cultural, and social understanding throughout the COE, and to provide students with the finest education environment possible.

The History Behind ECUH

The Engineering Council of the University of Hawaii (ECUH), founded in 2010, is an organization composed of engineering students whose main purpose is to represent students of the College of Engineering. The organizational structure consists of student ECUH Representatives elected from respective student engineering organizations across the College of Engineering and includes student ECUH Officers to facilitate participation, function, and longevity of the student-run council. ECUH Representatives and Officers hold meetings three to four times per semester to share best
practices, to aid communication and participation in interdisciplinary research opportunities, to develop student networks, and to facilitate co-organized activities of interest to multiple student organizations. ECUH provides engineering students a venue to voice their opinion and concerns within the College of Engineering.